End of season

It is with great sadness, that the Molinari Quartet must put to a halt its 2019-2020 concert season. The COVID-19 pandemic has obliged our governments to take measures to secure the population, and therefore we must stay in confinement  for the health and safety of all. We will announce in the upcoming weeks our 2020-2021 programming. We are looking forward to perform for you in the not too distant future. Lets spread music not the virus!


Górecki CD on sale now!

The Molinari Quartet’s latest CD, the complete string quartets by Polish composer Henryk Górecki was released on March 20. The minimalist music of Górecki is at times very soothing and at times full of vitality. This easy listening CD will accompany you in many activities. For example, the 56 minutes long Third Quartet is very suitable for meditating or teleworking. For your jogging or daily walk, how about the central section of the First Quartet or the 2nd and 4th movements of the Second Quartet You can purchase the CD on the ATMA Classic site or at your favourite CD shop on line. Also, listen to it on Spotify or Apple Music. Enjoy!


Benefit event postponed

It is with regret that we must postpone our annuel benefit event which was to take place on May 5th.This pandemic has already dramatic effects on many musicians and artistic companies like ours who have their concerts and events cancelled or postponed. In these difficult times were we need as never before your support, we must cancel our benefit event to respect the government’s directives. Of course, we will accept any donations with much recognition and will produce an income taxe receipt for the 2020 fiscal year. Please send your donation to the Molinari Quartet, P.O. Box 56536, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H1W 3Z3. Thank you!

Music and dance

The Molinari Quartet is proud to collaborate with the renowned dance company Virginie Brunelle.   The musicians will accompany seven dancers in the work Les corps avalés, Les corps avalés explores power relations, inequalities and social upheaval against a backdrop of resilience and hope. Mastering the delicate balance between expressiveness and vigorous physicality, Brunelle directs the dancers in a portrayal of a vulnerable humanity in search of gentleness and community. On stage, the Molinari Quartet delivers a radiant performance of selected pieces from the classical repertoire.

European Tour

The Molinari Quartet musicians are taking off today November 21st for a two-week long European tour.   The tour will take place from November 21 to December 4 2019 and will stop in 6 cities of  4 European countries : Germany, Serbia, North Macedonia and Greece.   Canadian music is at the heart of the repertoire of this tour with Commedia dell’arte from Serbia-Canadian composer Ana Sokolovic and quartets nos 3, 10 and 11 by R. Murray Schafer. These two composers represent Canadian culture at its best. The musicians will also perform Cat O’Nine Tails by John Zorn , Running Thoughts by Snezana Nesic and For Sun’s Light by Menelaos Peistikos. Ms. Sokolovic will accompany the musicians on tour and present her work at each concert.   The Molinai Quartet acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts for making this tour possible.

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