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Sixth International Composition Competition Results

During its concert on Wednesday May 27at 6 pm at the Montreal Conservatory of Music, the Molinari Quartet announced the winners of its Sixth International Composition Competition for String Quartet. The winners were chosen from 86 candidates aged under 40 and the jury - composed of the members of the Molinari Quartet and composers Ana Sokolovic and John Rea - met in May to evaluate the 86 original scores received from 28 countries. For its Sixth edition, the Molinari Quartet has selected four works. The order of the winners will be determined following the concert on April 1st, 2016 by the jury after a final deliberation. Here are the four candidates, in alphabetical order, whose works will be played in concert: Jean-Patrick Besingrand (born in 1985) from France for his work A whisper from Space Presently he is pursuing doctoral studies at the Université Paris IV Sorbonne in musicology and is working on an Advanced Music Certificate in Composition at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Prizes : Honourable Mention at the 8e Robert Avalon International composition competition; Composition selected for Festival of New Music 2015 in Florida. Gianluca Castelli, from Italy (born in 1985) for his work Mythoi Mr. Castelli has graduated with the highest grades in Music composition at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Torino. He is pursuing his studies at the Robert-Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2010, he won the 2nd prize in the choir music composition competition Dolci parole e care in Torino. Alexandra Fol from Canada (Montréal) (born in 1981) for her work The Elgea Quartet She holds a doctorate in composition from McGill University and a certificate in theology. She was a finalist for the 2006 Gaudeamus prize and won 3rd prize at the SOCAN Young composers competition in 2010. Liliya Ugay, from Ouzbekistan (born in 1990) for her work String Quartet no.2 Pianist and composer, she is a collaborative pianist and assistant in music technology at Yale School of Music. She has received many prizes as a pianist and as a composer in different competitions. The recipients will share $6,000 in prizes and the first prize winner will be offered a silkscreen by artist Guido Molinari. The four winners will be invited to work with the Molinari Quartet prior to the Winners Concert which will be held on April 1st 2016. The winners will also participate, on March 30 2016, in the Dialogue at the Chapelle consisting in a public workshop of discussion and performance by the Molinari Quartet. For more information qm@quatuormolinari.qc.ca or call 514-527-5515