In September, the Molinari Quartet musicians paid a visit to composer R. Murray Schafer at his home in Indian River near Peterborough. Weakened by a poor health and not having been able to attend the Molinari ‘s concert celebrating his 85th anniversary during the summer, the Quartet went to play some of his quartets for him at his home in Ontario.

The Willis-Sweete Productions team was on hand to film some very emotional moments and the musicians playing Schafer’s quartets in the alfalfa fields and at sunset.

SCHAFER’S LABYRINTH, scheduled to be performed in June 2020 in Toronto, is a powerful and bold multimedia extravaganza that will showcase the 13 String Quartets of R. MURRAY SCHAFER, to be performed live on stage by the Molinari String Quartet. This is an entirely unique audio-visual tone poem created through the juxtaposition of classical music, environmental soundscapes (coined by Schafer in the 1960s), stunning motion picture images, large screen movie projection, animated graphics,


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