Montreal, Friday May 28, 2021– During its concert on Friday May 28 at 7 pm at the Montreal Conservatory of Music, the Molinari Quartet announced the winners of its Eighth International Composition Competition for String Quartet. The winners were chosen among 115 candidates aged under 40 and the jury – composed of the members of the Molinari Quartet and composers Denis Gougeon and Jimmie LeBlanc – met in May to evaluate the 115 original scores received from 33 countries. For its Eighth edition, the Molinari Quartet has selected four works. The order of the winners will be determined following the concert on February 25, 2022 by the jury, after a final deliberation. Here are the four candidates, in alphabetical order, whose works will be played in concert: Joan Bachs, from Germany, for his work Oleum Perdidisti Edgar Fikes Girtain IV from the United States, for his work For Aurora no.2 Chrisitan Paterniti from Italy for his work Su le soglie del bosco Tigrio Emmanuel Francisco Rodriguez Witrago from Mexico for his work Agere-tio The recipients will share $6,000 in prizes and the first prize winner will be offered a silkscreen by artist Guido Molinari. The four winners will be invited to work with the Molinari Quartet prior to the Winners Concert which will be held on February 25, 20229. The winners will also participateo on February 22 2022, in the Dialogue sur le Plateau consisting of a public workshop, with discussion and performance by the Molinari Quartet.

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