We are very happy to announce that we are finalists for the Opus Prize of Concert of the Year – Modern, contemporary music, for our R. Murray Schafer Tribute concert of October 15 2021.

During the concert, we payed tribute to Schafer, who passed away in August 2021, by playing four quartets that he wrote especially for the Molinari Quartet: Quartet no. 7 (with soprano obligato Aline Kutan), no.10 Winter Birds, the 12 th Quartet, and his last work, Quartet no.13, subtitled Alzheimer’s Masterpiece. Violinist Olga Ranzenhofer also delivered a moving tribute on the life and work of Schafer as well as sharing her thoughts on the many meetings with him over the last 33 years.

Thank you R. Murray Schafer for the fantastic music that you wrote and that we love playing.

Organized by the Conseil québécois de la musique, the Opus Prize Gala will take place o February 5, 2023 at Bourgie Hall

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