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Rodes, Sixto Manuel Herrero

Rodes, Sixto Manuel Herrero (1965-)

Sixto Manuel Herrero Rodes was born in Rafal, where he studied solfa and saxophone with the teachers Gabriel García and José Mirete. Later he completed his advanced studies of the saxophone with Jaime Belda, of composition with the teacher Ramón Ramos and of conducting with Manuel Galduf. He perfected his knowledge of the saxophone with Jean-Marie Londeix, Daniel Deffayet and Marie-Bernardette Charrier. He has taken part in the recording of a CD of Spanish contemporary music and has also performed numerous concerts as soloist and member of the San Vicente Symphony Orchestra, the Elche Chamber Orchestra and the Filarmonia of Santiago de Compostela. He is also a member and artistic director of the Saxophone Quartet Ars Musicandum. As a conductor, he has recorded the CDs Prima Luce and Jarcia with the saxophone ensemble ZAMBRA. He has also conducted the orchestra Ciudad de Elche, distinguishing his participation in the Mediterranean Saxophone Meeting in Alicante. As a composer, his writing for saxophone is influenced by extra-musical aesthetics. He has composed outstanding works for orchestra and music bands, besides the collections Podemos hablar and Viajeros al tren. He received Honourable Mentions at the second Fernando Rielo Competition of Sacred Music Composition (Rome) and at the Molinari Quartet's Second International Competition for Composition (Montreal). Mr. Rodes recently performed at the 13th Worldwide Congress of Saxophone held at Minnesota University in July 2003, where he presented Mácula, a musical show written, rendered and conducted by himself. He has also composed the music for Fernando Canet's short film XIII. He currently teaches composition at the Manuel Massotti Littel Conservatory in Murcia, Spain. He is also conductor of the Music School in Montesinos City, in addition to being the artistic director of the contemporary music group Areté. He is currently at work on his Ph.D. in Music at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

Ignotalias (2002)

This string quartet was completed on January 23rd 2002. It was elaborated from R.A.M.I. (Reminiscence about my childhood), finished on March 30th 1996. It is written in a single movement and the various levels of pressure applied to the bow form a multifaceted space that creates a continuum of emotional and expressive modulations. The resulting non-determination in sound is a product of the cluster made up from the sounds, the indefinite pitches, the intervals in glissandis and the sudden changes of intonation through exaggerated vibratos. The rhythmic element is constantly associated with the repetitive movement of the sounds. -

Sixto Manuel Herrero Rodes



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